Shadowland: Wolf-Rx – The TV Series



Wolf-Rx is an unscripted reality-based TV series concept that focuses on Paul and Colette Pondella who live with a pack of seven wolves in Lake Hughes, CA. Paul and Colette have dedicated their lives to the healing of military veterans and first responders who suffer from PTSD and addiction. The series will chronicle their unique lifestyle, the therapeutic qualities of their wolf pack and the struggles faced by each first responder.

The stories are real and relatable, a profound healing process, unique to our world of wolves. It’s a celebration of courage, hope, strength and humanity a connection between two species leading to a deeply emotional journey offering a promise for a better future.  These compelling true-life recovery stories of love, life and redemption are supervised by the human pack leaders Paul and Colette, and episodic recovery experts.


Paul Pondella

Founder of SHADOWLAND FOUNDATION. Paul has been rescuing wild animals and bringing them to safety his entire life. A dyslexic and troubled child, his education came from his innate connection to animals and nature. This gave him a sense of purpose that ultimately saved his future. Paul became certified in CPR and First-Aid for animals, and assisted the ASPCA in rescuing wild animals; in particular, wolves. After adopting Shadow and then Alaska, Paul started training them with the best wild animal trainer in the motion picture industry to prepare them for programs working with children.

Colette Pondella

Co-Founder of SHADOWLAND FOUNDATION. Colette has been teaching and facilitating programs for children and adults since high school. Most of her career has been in the entertainment industry in NY and Los Angeles. In 2003 she began exploring a Spiritual path and is currently a Non-Denominational Minister, offering her “Wolf Wisdom Gatherings” at the ranch. On Valentine’s Day, 2009, Paul and Colette adopted Takoda together and started growing their pack, rekindling the relationship between man and wolf.



Takoda is the father and leader of the pack. He is a role model and keeps his wolves in line by putting their whole heads in his mouth. He is very clear with Paul and Colette when he needs something and above all his paternal nature always takes the lead.


Keme had a challenging birth and suffers from an auto-immune disorder but has overcome this limitation to become the highest ranking female in the pack.  Since her mom has passed, she accompanies her dad Takoda wherever he goes. She loves visitors and greets them, helping them to feel welcome. A total cuddle bug, she does not have a mean bone in her body.


Chenoa is a scandalous flirt. If you scratch her backside, she will dance for you. She will lie, coo and kiss with Wahkahn and looks forward to running the fence with the boy dogs next door. She is a big talker too. She will tell you in complete sentences what is going on with her. If she is happy, angry, sad, hungry or demanding, she is not shy about howling to tell you so.


Tehya is the runt of the litter and wishes she had a higher pack ranking. She is fast and quick and a bit of a rebel. In the wild, she would have been one to have left home to find a mate and have a family of her own.  She is an incredible huntress. She catches her prey and then brings it home to show off. She is smart as a whip and will take any opportunity to show off.


Kachina is the lowest pack ranking member but wishes she weren’t. She has always had conflicts with several of her sisters since they were little but was the best babysitter for the perpetual puppy, Wahkahn as no other pack member will play with him.  Kachina is a favorite of those who feel shy, ostracized and cast aside. They gravitate to her and bond forever.


Wahkahn is the youngest member of our pack.  He is Takoda’s first cousin and related to Shadowland’s namesake, Shadow. Even though he is five years old and raised by the pack, he is very self-centered. He demands all the attention from the pack and visitors alike. He is wild, mischievous and incorrigible.


His native name Kiyuska, means “to set free.” Freedom is Shadow’s nephew and was raised by our pack. When Wahkahn was adopted, he was so adorably attentive and careful with him.  After Wakhan was grown, Freedom became our Lone Wolf. If not in our charge, in the wild he would have left our pack to start one of his own. Fortunately, what he loves is spending time with visitors adopting them into his own “pack”. Freedom has a heart of gold and we call him our “Wellness Wolf.”


We’ll follow “A” stories of people in crisis as they travel to Shadowland Ranch in search of healing as well as a greater understanding of their lives and place within the world.  We’ll dive deep into their backstories, get to know who they are, the construct of their lives and what they want to accomplish at Shadowland Ranch.

We’ll also follow the stories of the Wolves and the dynamics within their ‘pack’ which will be presented rich in character, emotion and behavior (think “Meercat Manor”).  While we’ll get to know each independently, we’ll create parallels between wolf and human stories and behavior with deeply meaningful moments when they come together.  We will watch the growth and process of our humans as they work to be respected by the wolves and in the end, we’ll showcase the lessons they’ve learned and take away as they return to their lives, and their ‘pack’.


The series will feature a modern visual aesthetic, a unique sonic landscape, and an honest presentation of each character, drawing parallels between the worlds of wolf and man throughout the series.  Shot like a feature film, Wolf-Rx will feature world-class cinematography rich in color, texture and detail, encapsulating an intimate portrait of often-opposing environments that our humans and wolves live within.  We’ll tell the stories through the visual POV of both, and create ‘match-points’
between the two worlds to underscore their similarities and emphasize their connections.
Each episode will end with information about the national pet shelter database at and how viewers can start their own pack by adopting an unwanted pet of their own.


Act One

• Set up story, subject and characters, objective
• Backstory of subject.

Act Two

• Subject meets the wolves.
• Interaction with the wolves.
• More backstory

Act Three

• Subject’s reaction to interaction with wolves.
• Plans for the future.  This is how I’ve changed.
• Subject says goodbye to wolves.

Act Four

• Follow up with subject. 
• How have the wolves changed them?


Chris Chulack

For over twenty-five (25) years Christopher Chulack has developed, produced, and directed over 1,500 hours of ground-breaking scripted one-hour drama shows for all commercial networks, high end cable systems, and streaming services.  Chris is an Emmy Award – Winning Producer and the recipient of multiple DGA drama nominations and a DGA award-winner.  He is currently XPing and Directing individual episodes of CBS TV’s SEAL TEAM – which he brought to CBS Entertainment for Development and Production.

His substantial XP/Dir. Credits include:

  • ER (15 Seasons)
  • THIRD WATCH (7 Seasons)
  • SOUTHLAND (5 Seasons)
  • SHAMELESS (4 Seasons)
  • ANIMAL KINGDOM (3 Seasons)
  • LONGMIRE (5 Seasons)
  • SEAL TEAM (3 Seasons – current)
Guy Bee

Guy Norman Bee has become one of the most sought after one-hour drama directors in Hollywood since 1999. His television directing credits include: ER, Third Watch, Las Vegas, Veronica Mars, Supernatural, Jericho, Criminal Minds, Kyle XY, Terminator: The Sarah Connor
Chronicles, Arrow, Revolution, Southland, The Witches of East End, iZombie, The Magicians, 12 Monkeys, Blood & Treasure and many more.

Prior to making the difficult jump to director, Guy worked consistently for 12 years as a Steadicam/Camera operator honing his skills in the 90’s on such monster feature films as: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Bowfinger, Deep Impact, Titanic, Crazy in Alabama, The Peacemaker and more. Lately he can be found writing spec scripts or walking his dog Luna.

Sean Solan

Sean’s passion for story telling began at a very early age. As a child he would confiscate his father’s 8mm camera, cast his brothers and neighborhood friends while transforming his basement into everything from a WWII submarine to surface of an alien planet.

With the invention of the video camera, Sean was off to the races, writing, directing and even providing the sound track to his first horror movie “Raggedy Ann Strikes Back” – an instant classic that was lost forever when his mother “accidentally” taped over it in favor of the final episode of M*A*S*H.

As the third out of four boys, Sean’s personality grew quickly and it wasn’t long before he was also in front of the camera acting in both TV and film productions.  Equally at home discussing performances, camera angles and production budgets, Sean brings a well rounded approach to film production.  Currently, Sean lives in Los Angeles with his wife and 3 daughters.